Successful planning with printable calendars

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Current circumstances make person thing of 1000 thing in a same time. There is nothing strange if some part of this thousand will be lost because of brain overloading. Visual notifications were created in order serve as kind reminder and be always available for personal plans reconciliation. Among others printable calendars are used to be popular because pleasant design, ease of use and efficiency brought to everyday.

Depending on detailing required there are different types of printable calendars. Here are the most common:


Depending on period of time:


  • Yearly

The one-shit calendar, where national holidays, weekends, and other important days are marked by chosen way (colors, shapes, etc)

  • Monthly

It consists of 12 pages by each month divided on weeks, so it is easy to coordinate in a couple weeks ahead. Usability differences with yearly is insignificant, marks are the same or absent.

  • Weekly

This type is the golden middle between dairies and calendars. Each week has detailed plans and events descriptions. Pages are broken by the days. Anyway it may be difficult to plan for couple weeks.

  • Daily diary

It is used in current planning by specifying main tasks to be performed during 2-3 days. Each sheet is marked by day and date, so track things done and to be done is enough convenient.



Depending on purpose


It can be represented by monthly/weekly calendars with defined mark by type.

  • Payment calendar

Dates of payments will be marked by some color or shape. Help to avoid missed payments and respective fees.

  • Reporting calendar

Marks are made on days, where specific reports is required to be done/submitted/reviewed. All these marks will differ from each other.

  • Events calendar

This type will have holidays, meetings, weekends specified and described. Depending on what kind of period is represented these events will or will not have description.

  • Calendar of personal growth

Here are specified goals and steps for achieving results relating to some character traits: leadership, perseverance, sense of humor, etc.

  • Fiscal calendar to specify fiscal payments only.


Printing calendar is a useful planning tool for those, who have visual-based mind sent. Diversity of types make it helpful for persons of different professions and in different purposes.