5 steps for comfortable moving

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Relocation is exiting and in a same time stressful process. Many specific guidelines were developed in order to reduce pressure and make things go smoother. Top-2 advises are to stay organized and improve time management.

Printable moving checklist offered below contains five stages to save nerves, time and avoid rush:

  1. Preparation and Notification

1.1. Put on lessor’s guard necessity to search another tenants.

1.2. Inform required parties about changing of contact address

Liability to provide employer, banks, tax authorities and others with actual address is obvious. Besides, no one fills happy missing post or favorite magazine.

1.3. Choose carriage services provider

It may take time to find and arrange reputable company with low prices.

  1. Prepare things required.

2.1. Make lists of what should/shouldn’t be moved.

Define unused/unnecessary/useless things to avoid trash at home.

2.2. Rid garbage

All things defined in previous point should be sold/donated/utilized. Don’t keep it for nothing and don’t leave it for future tenants.

2.3. Start packaging

In case new house is available for settlement, it would be reasonable to carriage by parts and do not do everything at the last day.

  1. Packaging

3.1. Check coffer is in appropriate quantity

Pay attention small boxes too. It is recommended to transport heavy or fragile inventory in a little container for safe.

3.2. Group and mark boxes

It depends on ways of grouping, but accuracy in of this step will define effortless to unpack.

  1. Cleaning

Regardless will or won’t’ furniture stay it shouldn’t be in a dirt. Check refrigerator is empty and defrosted, nothing is broken or ruined.

  1. Safety

5.1. Inspect electricity, water, internet and phone cable, gas were turned off.

5.2. Windows and other staff are covered for privacy and from dust.

5.3. Security system is turned on, all documents and necessary things were transferred back to lessor.

Printable moving checklist is not limited to these points, each of what can be itemized according to individual needs, anyway it might be helpful to delete notes related to each point and print it out to put on a prominent place to follow up outstanding paragraphs and striking out things done.