5 steps for perfect wedding without additional cost for event agencies

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Most people who believe in a true love and decide to get marriage are sure such day can be the only time in a life. Couples required to succeed everything by considering too many things even used to hire special managers.

Actually the process can be simpler with no need in 3d parties participation with printable wedding planner. It helps to define blocks with things to be managed. Please, refer below for example of such tool:


Organizational Block


  • Compose guest’s list.

This help to define quantity and preferences for individuals you invite. Also, it serves as starting point for future steps.

  • Get early booking for the places to celebrate.

Most of popular locations can be occupied for couple months before, this why important to think ahead.

  • Transfer and housing for guests.

Relatives or friends living in different parts of region may require help with transportation and accommodation.

  • Create own style/theme of event. Find and arrange decorator and florist.

Point needed to make day special adding unique character to it.

  • Invitation cards.

To think of it before style, number of guests and place were chosen, was unreasonable.

To give close people enough time for own preparations send them asap you decide basic things described above.




  • Find out whether vegans/allergist will be present.

It is a good manner to consider specific needs of guests in menu.

  • Find catering firm, define menu.

Think about separate services offering chocolate fountains, dishes from molecular cuisine, etc., take care of it in advance.

    • Find confectioner to meet your demand on taste and design on wedding cake(s).




  • Arrange leading person.
  • Define music.

3.2.1. Decide who should play dj/some band/both.

3.2.2. Don’t forget about the song for the first dance.

3.2.3. Find teacher for the choreography, if necessary.

  • Take care of oath and first gifts.

This step is time-consuming, prepare all of the above in advance.




    • Arrange photographer and operator.
    • Order greeting album.
    • Little gifts for guests.
    • Get the list who wants to get final photo/video to share it.




  • Bride outfit (lingerie hairstyle, makeup, dress, shoes, accessories).
  • Fiancé outfit (hairstyle, suit, accessories).
  • Bridesmaid girlfriends outfit (dresses, accessories).

These blocks may be personalized by extending or collapsing. Anyway this is a base to amend, print and use.